traditional gender roles: malebox

Traditional gender roles are as outdated as last year’s calendar. Sure, men will always provide the seed, and women will always bear children, but beyond those natural facts, maleboxlimitations simply don’t (or shouldn’t) exist.

Choose any profession, from prime minister and secretary of state to scientist and professor. From CEO and entrepreneur to concert pianist and composer. From… to…. From… to…. Women can be dominating and abrasive; men can be sensitive and nurturing. And mothers can be breadwinners while stay-at-home fathers can take care of home and hearth. Read about one country’s struggles and how corrosive it can be to remain bogged down in suffocating norms.

Yet men often find themselves boxed in by expected behaviors that serve neither themselves nor society with any relevance. Increasingly, macho behavior is as stale and difficult to digest as last week’s nachos. Regardless of gender, those failing to recognize this truism will remain rooted in patterns and behaviors as meandering as they are meaningless.

In a broader sense, let no one be confined—limited—by anything unproductive either personally or professionally. Preconceived notions are as germane to actual life as is junk mail, and as fulfilling as navigating through six tiers of electronic phone-number pressing in a vain attempt to talk with a live person at the phone company.

Embrace true collaboration and relish the results as the actions—and the accounts—advance.