creative and compelling communications
for the international nonprofit, educational & cultural communities

celebrating our 36th year: 1985 – 2021

comprehensive and professional communications:

  • strategic communication & marketing plans
  • all-inclusive social-media services & analytics
  • organizational branding and logo design
  • full design services using all major software
  • comprehensive grant writing
  • website editing to meet international standards
  • content development and writing
  • print & electronic newsletters
  • engaging interviews, podcasts & blogs
  • press releases for targeted audiences
  • local & national media collaborations
  • product labels & brochures
  • Chinese, French, Russian & Spanish websites/translations/correspondence

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88keys provides skilled editing services, and is a proven professional resource for Deutsche Grammophon’s website.

Daniel Goodwin, Director of Marketing & Media
Deutsche Grammophon • Decca


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