avoiding the ordinary: canned goods

What do you bring to the table? Be it a job interview, a brainstorming session or interaction with a loved one, are your responses built on expected words, conventional notions,canned goods ingrained thought processes?

Almost every sphere of human activity can benefit from original ideas, and they hardly need be limited to symphony or skyscraper, to palate or painting, to e-this or i-that. Cause a few sparks—by going above and beyond, by living without fear of others’ responses, by acting from true conviction.

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to graze or cut deeply: knives & forks

Someone cuts you off on the turnpike, the expressway, the highway or the byway.knivesandforks

Someone promises you something but doesn’t deliver.

Someone leaves integrity at the door.

Someone d, e or f.

These realities can either graze or cut deeply, the knife entering with various levels of pain. The reaction may be to turn that around, to fight, to never let it rest. If it’s a matter of personal #integrity, then there is really no choice. Go knife to knife if need be.

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